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Objective:  Seeking a position that can utilize all of my skills and experience


Countrywide Financial:

Pittsburgh, PA 2003-2004

Position: Customer Service Representative

Duties: Contact insurance carriers to verify home owner renewal information and send payment out of escrow. Update policy information against the loan such as; effective dates, premium amount, and dwelling coverage. If the insurance carrier didn't have GMAC mortgage listed as the lien holder, I would contact the agent to update their records. Worked accounts under GMAC Mortgage and Fairbanks Capitol Corp.

McKesson Information Solutions:

Pittsburgh, PA 2001-2002

Position: Network Communications Analyst

Duties: Updated servers to latest releases of patches. Maintained MS Exchange server by adding, deleting, and changing parameters for users. Added/removed users from the McKesson domain and gave proper rights to network resources. Rebuilt Domain BDC after it had a hardware failure in under two hours (Compaq). Staged Dell laptops utilizing Ghost to provide quick turn around. When a new employee arrived, provided them with a staged laptop with docking station, phone (had to punch down extension to the proper cubical), and full documentation of the support agreement. Provided hardware and software support for a broad variety of applications including MS Office suite. They have a few proprietary applications that I supported. I helped them during the renovation of the data center, deciding where the servers, phones, and network infrastructure should be placed. Supported 100+ users, 40% of them were remote users and helped them troubleshoot dial-up problems, and application issues.

Beaver County :

Beaver, PA 1998-2001

Position: Network Administrator/Manager

Duties: Updated their Novell network to become Y2K compliant. Supported over 1000 users. Revamped their IP scheme so that they are private, and non routable to the outside world. Implemented Exchange email system, county wide, to replace Groupwise, to include Norton Antivirus gateway on a Windows 2000 server. Implemented Citrix, on a Windows 2000 server, to support the new county jail and any future needs. Installed wireless communications for the new jail, the recreation center, and the geriatric center. Implemented IIS web server to replace Netscape Fast Track server. Maintained any router changes for the WAN. Implemented a dial up router for remote access. Rebuilt their NDS tree and merged eight different trees into one organized and secure one. Worked with the state to provide connections to their PosNet network. Worked with Value Behavioral Health for their connection. Helped engineer the network infrastructure for the new courthouse from a ring topology to a star topology to support the new VLAN configuration. Installed multiple servers so that their systems were more redundant and to provide the public with reliable service.

Fiserv Integration Solutions, Inc. :

Pittsburgh, PA 1998-1998

Position: Customer Service Engineer, Project Manager

Duties: Install, configure, and support LANs and WANs for financial institutions. Perform site surveys and due diligence. Novell 4.11 and Windows NT 4.0 are the NOSs that I implement. Utilize NDS Manager and DS Migrate for Novell conversions and migrations. Configure transport software such as Infoconnect and Rumba to support proprietary software; namely VIP, FAST, and ITI. Workstation setups include MS-DOS, Windows 95, and NT workstation on Compaq, Digital, and Gateway systems. I implement these systems all over North America. Train the local administrator to facilitate backups, file maintenance, and new user setup. Troubleshoot performance issues and implement solutions. Assist and educate customers to the evolving networking world and provide accurate solutions to their current and future needs. I am currently working on achieving my CNE, MCSE, and Cisco certifications as time permits.

Computerm Corporation, Inc. :

Pittsburgh, PA 1994-1997

Position: Support Representative

Duties: Provide technical support for all installed Computerm channel extension/gateway systems. This includes installation, modification, and system analysis. Proficiency ranging from basic problem solving up to engineering issues. This incorporates writing accurate reports and using coordination skills. Schedule and implement the installations, upgrades and updates of new and existing Computerm systems. Prepare and test new or revised Computerm system configurations required by the customer or Computerm marketing department, and recommend solutions to complex problems. Experience with administering Novell 3.X networks and assisted in the migration to a 4.1 network. Outside of Computerm: Consulted, planned, installed, and administer an Internet Service Provider in the Beaver County area utilizing a US Robotics modem rack and running Windows NT 4.0. MS-IIS, MS-Broker, MS-Merchant, MS-Locator, MS-SQL are just some of the packages that I am au courant.

Spectrum Computer, Inc. :

Pittsburgh, PA 1993-1994

Position: Field Service Technician

Duties: Installed and maintained complete computer systems (IBM PC, AS/400, and S/36). Prepared systems for cross platform interfacing. Installed and maintained network systems (LANtastic & Novell) for up to 200 users. Troubleshot system deficiencies down to the component level. Analyzed client requirements.


United States Air Force 1985-1991

AT&T Federal System (Unix) 130 hours Computer Systems Operator 336 hours
Trainer/Supervisor Course 24 hours Fire Control Technician 126 hours
NCO Leadership School 124 hours Fire Control Mechanic 900 hours

Robert Morris College 1983-1984

Business Information Systems                   30 Semester hours

Beaver County Vo-Tech 1981-1983

Business Data Processing 66 Semester hours Certificate

Software Knowledge

Network Administration:

  • HP Openview
  • Groupwise
  • Managewise
  • NT Administration Tools

Network Troubleshooting:

  • Sniffer
  • NetXray
  • Lanalyzer
  • NT Network Monitoring


  • Raven
  • Alta Vista
  • Black Ice

Operating Systems:

  • Windows NT
  • Novell Netware
  • Unix
  • DOS
  • Posix
  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows 2000 Pro/Server/Adv. Serv

Professional References

Upon request

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